Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Gift!

Through Internet Marketing Free Gift for user...

From my observations, there among the readers who use the MLM Secrets ezine marketing to attract these prospects to approach their business. So, I also use the product compact disc (CD) as an example of how such marketing is done.

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Through Internet Marketing Free Gift!

Indeed, if viewed in essence, a business web site may not be generating any income if everything is given free.

However, try to visit some websites and Internet business you will notice that most of them give something free to visitors on their website. Among the things which be free is as follows.

1. Free Ezine
2. Free ebook
3. Membership (membership) free
4. Free Article
5. Free service
... And much more.

And there is more 'daring' more willing to send physical goods such as CDs and books.

If given free, not that costly Internet entrepreneurs concerned? Especially if they have to send physical products to visitors to their websites around the world.

The answer is in the mathematical calculations and marketing tactics practiced.

Well, let us see this business tactics first.

Marketing Strategy

Product to be free is an incentive to visitors to recognize that Internet entrepreneurs before sales are made. It is also a tool or a 'tool' used to build trust between entrepreneurs and Internet visitors their website (prospective buyers).

If trust exists on the seller (the Internet entrepreneurs), then it becomes easy for buyers to spend their money for products offered next.

You already know that it is very difficult to believe a business on the internet, is not it?

By giving "experience" dealing with the Internet entrepreneur (get a free product from him) will reduce the sense of worry to do business in the future.

So you can see here that the product be free, is not direct, is the promotional materials for other products.

Estimates Mathematics

Yes, if given free, the cost may be borne by the entrepreneurs.

For example, if the cost of shipping a compact disc (CD) is RM3, so if 1000 people who apply for free, the amount of money that should have been issued reached RM3, 000.

Everybody knows that the expenditure of RM3, 000 back without return is costly.

But, if it is done wisely, the cost of RM3, 000 can be transferred to profit RM4, 5000 and others.

Jom we see with more depth and take delivery of the CD as an example the subject of analysis.

Sent a free CD that is the introduction to another product video tutorials which cost RM100 each. Because the second CD is more complete and have all the secrets that are not explained in the first CD, they are likely to apply to get the first CD second CD, where they had to pay for it.

Than 1,000 people who applied, an average of 75 people will make booking and payment of RM100 for a piece of the CD.

This means, you have to produce sales of RM7, 500 (delivery cost assumptions are borne by the buyer).

So, your net profit is RM7, 500 (second CD) - RM3, 000 (first CD) = RM4, 500 (cost assumptions published CD is too small to be recorded).

Increase the percentage of the purchase order to the second CD is the second CD, and you will increase your profits.

In short, you need to know the ratio of purchases result from granting free, and you will always win in such marketing.

And if you provide products that are in digital form such as ebook or software, it's easier because you permberian cost digital products is free.

Therefore, you should evaluate whether strategies giving free products to your website visitor is worth. If you want to do with a simple way, Always use this approach to the provision of digital products.

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