Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dinner at Island Red Cafe Bukit Tinggi Klang ..

Island Red Cafe Bukit Tinggi, Klang..

Happening here at night !!!
Dinner wif my cyber friends...

Fakri owner Fungkur.org A.K.A Tuan Tanah
He from Shah Alam but stay at Sri Kembangan..
~ Bro!! finish your Lamb Chop 1st la..
~ Then you can talk how long do you want ma..!!

Beside Fakri is Apis from Shah Alam..
~Apis better you just ignore Fakri..
~ People fall in love always like that la...

Opss!!! His not my cyberspace friends ..
~ His my classmate when I'm still degree..
~ hohoho.. here Mr. Fahril with me..
~ How the Lamb Chop Bro..??

Thanks waiter.. My Lamb Chop arise from down!!
~ Time for dinner my friends.. huhuhuhu
~ See after this.. Yummy!! Yummy!!

Have Nice Day