Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Work Full-time, Part-time Business. What is your reason?

After published his articles on retirement issues among Malaysians in The Star newspaper recently, many expected more of us become more sensitive to planning and acting to solve problems that would override this.

Shortage of funds for retirement rather than a problem to those close to retirement only, but it also may be related to your age two or three tens of tens.

This is because the problem will arise if awareness is not nurtured in early.

On personal opinion, I do not agree with expert opinion that says that we need to extend the retirement age to 60 years to those who will retire this year will have a surplus to work before retirement.

So, if not quite 60 years later, do we proceed to the next age? Pardon if what I state this offend anyone. My intentions are sincere to help.

What we need to apply is the concept of "multiple streams of income or livelihood of more than one income.

Philosophy renowned business experts in the United States, Jim Rohn, said "build a business part-time while working full-time until your business can be developed and provide a lucrative return, until you can afford to stop working with others".

And we also know that 90% of income came from business.

Doni! Let's start! Do not wait longer.

Yes, I also heard the groaning of business is difficult and requires a strong effort.

Well, you only have two options.

1. Continue with your life now without efforts to change life for the better.

2. Acting by doing small changes to your future and your family so that it more secure.

If it is said less business opportunities, look around you. Note that there are opportunities carefully. Seek help from those who have been successful.

It is true! Life is not always easy. Success will not come Roll but regrets in the future because you do not take action to promote yourself is more trouble than difficult you pass while improving yourself now.

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